What we do

Access to medical treatment for brain tumours or skull fractures should not be a privilege reserved for a select few. The NED Foundation ensures that more people have access to the treatment they need, when they need it

We achieve this by training healthcare professionals, promoting international collaboration in neuroscience, developing initiatives that have a positive impact on people’s health, and improving the healthcare systems where we work

'The era of only the best for the few and nothing for the many is drawing to a close'

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Our work

We work to advance global neurosurgery in low-resource health systems through the power of international collaboration. We drive progress through the promotion of health volunteering, humanitarian medical assistance and the organisation of surgical missions.

We lead vital social support initiatives. From patient housing to paediatric neurorehabilitation, we strive to improve the quality of life for children with neuropathy and their families.

Recognising the transformative impact of women in the communities we serve, we place special emphasis on promoting equality as a fundamental pillar of our work. Through our initiatives, we seek to empower women as key drivers of positive change.

We aim to train the next generation of neurosurgeons and nurses in Africa. We organise courses and fund training grants to reduce the gap in access to specialist neuroscience training.

We have also established a Chair in Global Neuroscience and Social Change with the International University of Valencia (VIU).

We explore the neurological needs of low-income countries and disseminate the social realities in which we intervene. 

Through research and analysis, we help generate relevant debates and promote informed solutions with social impact.

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