In this section, we reflect what our volunteers have expressed about their experience in missions in which they participated. They need no comment.



“In addition to all the love and the amazing times I’ve spent with the kids, I get all this. I am going to miss you so much! Asante sana!”

Facebook – August 2012

“The work we are doing in Africa is indescribable, you do not know why but, since you walk on the African continent and you treat its people, you stay anchored to that place and feel an immense satisfaction to see them to smile again when you help them in any way, because they never lose their SMILE … Thanks NED ! ”

Facebook – April 2012

“I find it very comforting to know that this experience, we have had in Africa, has been so good and so well appreciated by all members of the mission. The truth is that my vision now, and over the years and the NED experiences with Africa, is quite different from the initial one. I feel “hooked” on Africa and NED. The truth is that I have not forgotten the time, that September 2, 2008, when Dr. Jose Piquer proposed me to travel  to Zanzibar and Dar-es-Salaam for the first time, where I started my path with NED. I will never be quite grateful enough to Jose for giving me this opportunity and to continue maintaining the confidence in me to the various missions that take place and I have been part of. However, outside the astonishment of the “first time” a bond is being created that binds me to all those who work there with us to improve the health and lives of our friends and compatriots.

I have to confess this bond I have established this bond with Africa has made my family and especially my kids, also feel connected, but in distance, to the African people, to know and value what we have, and that we often do not appreciate and even splurged, and that is what they (and other people) lack even limits that, before, I or we seemed unexpected.

Besides what Africa has given me on a personal and family level, this experience has been special. It was a very hard mission for all of us, both professionally and personally, but always comforting. On a professional level, if we make an overall assessment of it, for results obtained, even in those specific particularly complex cases which required a real team effort. On a personal level, I have to thank you all, the acceptance and the desire to be there and work, the good times, forgetfulness and forgiveness of tense moments, laughter and … unconditional support.

I also hope to repeat, and repeat, and repeat … while I join forces and I would not hesitate to agree with you all again … It has been a pleasure!”

“The NED experience, I must say that I am deeply grateful and happy to have been able to share this experience with you all. The truth is that, when working with desire and enthusiasm, everything is easy. Wish we could meet again in another mission in Zanzibar”

“It was a pleasure, a great feeling of life in spite of such a fine line that separates Africa from death, and that is beautiful, like all of you and look forward to sharing colours, smell, sweat, hands and laughs. I hope we meet soon and between photo and photo organize the next mission. I’ll be happy to share and learn from you and from Africa that “pole pole” there is a better world”

“The moments experiencedin Africa, surely, will never be forgotten in our memories, many difficult and challenging times, but have been well needed to get through all of you, and other ones not so hard that have been lucky to share.

I want to thank you for the opportunity provided to go with you, learn and cooperate, and I hope to come back for future missions”

“It has certainly been the trickiest NED mission, but also the most humane. We have gone throught  hard times, almost awful… However, also very endearing moments difficult to forget.

You are all very nice people, who transform the unrealizable into viable, in such a way that the most difficult thing becomes even comfortable. Thank you very much to everyone!”

“It is the express wish of all members of the mission team, to express our gratitude to the NED organization and, especially, to its president, Dr. Piquer, for moral and logistical support. Wthout his advice, guidance and direction our efforts would not have been directed towards obtaining a satisfactory result so much from the ethical as professional standpoint”

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