On October 6th, our Multidisciplinary mission arrived in Zanzibar, coordinated by Dr Vicente Rovira Lillo (Neurosurgeon). Along with him, Dr Hector Ruperez Caballero (Traumatologist), Dr Nerea Bueno Latorre (Anesthesiologist), Dr Natalia Alvarez Garcia (Pediatric Surgeon) and nurses, Mrs. Regina Burgos Muñoz, Mrs. Irene Tormo Rodriguez and Mrs. Eva Muñoz Quiles have traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute .

They held: clinical sessions 08.30 AM. Visit of patients in outpatient clinic and hospitalization floor. Scheduled interventions (closure of neural tube defects, placement of VDVP). Carrying out, together with the Pediatric Surgeon, surgical interventions in the pediatric population (colorectal and inguinal surgery) and assistance to urgent patients (severe TBI, great burn) of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. Integration within the medical team (surgery, anesthesia, nursing) in preparing patients for the intervention and in their postoperative recovery (vascular accesses, IOT, anesthetic blocks, monitoring …). Organization of medical material.


Our Medical Coordinator, Dr Jose Piquer Belloch (Neurosurgeon) accompanied by Dr Mahmood Qureshi (Neurosurgeon) began a tour of various Hospitals in the Region on the 24th.

Together they visited the Consolata Hospital in Nyeri (Kenya) and the Mbarara Hospital in Uganda in order to establish cooperative relationships between the NED Foundation and the aforementioned Hospitals. In addition, they carried out various surgical interventions as well as theoretical and practical training for local staff.


On October 30th, 2019, Dr Marcos Barrio de Pedro (Intensivist) left for Zanzibar, to continue our Project in the ICU of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, remaining on the Island until December 7th.

His work focused on carrying out activities related to the clinical care of patients admitted to the intensive care unit. Training of local health personnel, as well as the continuation of the objectives set in the Project.

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