The morning of October 3rd, arrived at Mnazi Mmoja NED Institute a new mission, coordinated, once again, by Dr Vicente Rovira Lillo (Neurosurgeon).

He was accompanied on this trip by: Dr Ayoze Doiz González (Neurosurgeon), Dr Héctor Rupérez Caballero (Traumatology) and Mrs. Yolanda Forner Cañizares (Nurse).

They were supported by Mrs. Maria José Fos Ferrandis that culminated this month her stay as Nursing Coordinator at the Institute from August 1st.

On their arrival, they began with inpatient room visits; they pass daily room visit, where they control the wounds state and patients status; perform outpatient and neurosurgeries (13 in total). Visited patients admitted to the ICU of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. Together with, Maria Jose made a comprehensive inventory of equipment and drugs at the Institute

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