On November 3rd, our Neurosurgical Mission of the month arrived at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute in Zanzibar (Tanzania).

It was composed of Dr Irene Iglesias Lozano (Neurosurgeon) and Dr Jose Luis Gil Salu (Neurosurgeon) who were accompanied by predoctoral researchers Mrs. Irati Hervas Corpion and Mr. Samuel Dominguez Garcia, who carry out their work in the Unit of Research at the Puerta del Mar Hospital and in the Physiology Area of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cádiz, collaborating in two non-medical projects such as the Sebleni School support program, focused on teaching in English, and the Orphanage Mazizini.

During their stay, they held clinical sessions every morning with the center’s staff: incidences of hospitalized patients, new admissions, and patients scheduled for surgery. Consultations with the Institute’s medical staff. Approach of conservative treatment guidelines in patients not susceptible to surgical treatment. Urgent evaluations in the Traumatology room of the Mnazi Mmoja hospital, (in spinal and cranioencephalic trauma). Various surgeries: tumor, infectious pathology and CSF abnormalities. Cures and follow-up of operated patients. Given guidelines for action. During the surgical procedures, training activities have been carried out with both medical and nursing personnel.

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