As we have already mentioned, a “macro” mission set out in steps from November 7th to 22nd to prepare for the inauguration of the MNAZI MMOJA NED SURGICAL INSTITUTE built on the island of Zanzibar (Tanzania) together with the Government of the Island.

Together with Dr José Piquer, there are many volunteers who, in addition to helping to set up the Institute, have conducted two comprehensive courses for professionals, doctors and nurses who will form the workforce: Dr Mahmood Qureshi, Mrs. Esther Gómez Gutiérrez ( Nursing Director of Health Department of La Ribera and Board Member), Mr. Manuel Montagud Fos (Commercial of Medical Equipment), Mr. José Mª Mortes Gómez (Hospital Porter), Mr. Raúl Sánchez Checa (Maintenance Head of the Hospital de La Ribera ), Mrs. Africa Sánchez Salas (Nurse and Course Teacher), Mrs. Amparo Molina Aracil (Nurse and Course Teacher), Dr  Mª Teresa Bovaira Forner (Anesthesiologist and Course Teacher), Mrs. Mª Pilar Chisbert Genovés (Nurse and Course Teacher) , Mrs. Demelsa Martínez Cordellat (Nurse and Course Teacher), Mrs. Nuria Ballo Martínez (Nurse and Course Teacher) and Mr. Miguel Ángel Ortiz Cabezas (Nurse and Course Teacher).

During their stay they took care of the assembly, organization and commissioning (opening and start-up) of the Institute: Organization and distribution of available equipment, material, furniture, etc .; creation and organization of the warehouse of fungible and pharmacological material; equipment of the Hospitalization Rooms: Pediatric and Women’s Room and the Men’s Room; full provision of one of the Primary Care Consultations, which began to be operational, immediately passing by, visiting patients.

There are the two existing operating rooms, one of them was fully equipped and fully operational: material and human support provided by the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. In addition, sterilization and laundry service have been in charge of Mnazi Mmoja Hospital

The local staff, reference staff and distribution of Nursing shifts during the assistance weeks were also selected; along with other various activities, depending on the needs that arose, since at the arrival of the Mission the Institute was in the phase of completion of work, with scaffolding and in just one week it became open to medical assistance and operational

We finished 2014, with a new Neurosurgical Mission coordinated by Dr. Jesús Lafuente Baraza (Neurosurgeon) accompanied by Dr Jordi de Manuel-Rimbau Muñoz (Neurosurgeon), Dr Gloria Tresserras Giné (Neurosurgeon), Dr Laura Serrano Pérez(Neurosurgeon), Dr Sara Vallés Angulo (Intensivist), Mr. Joan Carles Esperanza and Mr. Eduardo Flo Lafuente.

During their stay, distributed between the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and the Mnazi Mmoja NED Institute, they made patient evaluations and selected the surgical cases; Planning and execution of surgical activity; Follow-up of patients already undergoing surgery and re-interventions; Cures of post-surgical wounds; information on the guidelines to follow in surgical treatments.

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