We are at the equator of the Non-Medical Mission to Zanzibar of our volunteers: Mr. Jose Polo Espliguero, Mr. Jaime Criado Rodriguez, Mr. Angel Luis Gil Guilleume and Mr. Miguel Garzon Andres.

We summarize some of the tasks that they are being carried out at the Mazizini Orphanage, thanks to our group of volunteers… with many initiatives!

They started putting the class back in order, it is important that they learn to take care of things.

Workshops have been organized: Spanish, mathematics, painting, choreography workshop, games like “handkerchief”, “dodgeball”, “basketball”.

In the Spanish workshop they have also used music as a means of learning. On this occasion Pastora Soler has been the protagonist with her Eurovision song, the children have loved it.

In the painting workshop a marine mural is being painted with finger paint to which more characters are added every day. This will be a giant painting made and enjoyed by them. They have also made frames for their photos.

The area of knowledge of the environment has horticulture as its protagonist, in this case of legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc.). The children each planted their own seed in a glass with cotton, which as they grow they plant and which they then have to take care of.

Taking advantage of the end of Ramadan, the orphanage workers have invited the volunteers to participate with them in the special breakfast and lunch to celebrate this festival, also encouraging them to make with them the sweets that they would later cook.

That same day they were received by the wife of the President of Zanzibar.

We will continue to inform you and add photos of his work there.

As always, thanks to you for always being willing to collaborate.

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