February began on the 10th with a new ICU mission, composed of ICU nurses Mrs. Aranzazu Velez Arregui, Mr. Luis Manuel Perez Balmaseda and Mrs. Pilar Garcia Esteban accompanied by Dr Hamish Thomson (Anesthesiologist).

This weekend, the German mission made up of Dr Joachim Oertl (Neurosurgeon), Dr Phillip Hendrix (Neurosurgeon), Dr Simon Müller (Neurosurgeon), Christoph Sippl (Neurosurgeon), Dr Akos Csokonay (Neurosurgeon), Dr Julia Szoro (Anesthesiologist), and Dr Franziska Maisser (Anesthesiologist).

As always, we thank you with all our hearts for your effort and dedication to our projects.

Thank you so much!!

Asante sana!

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