NESC (NED ENGLISH SPANISH CENTRE) was born in April 2011.

The School of Studies in English and Spanish aims to train the children of the Mazizini Orphanage (Zanzibar) in all areas of knowledge.

The official language of Zanzibar (Tanzania) is Swahili, but the necessary language to stand out and have a better future is English. And why not also promote the knowledge of the second international language, Spanish, taking advantage of the fact that most of our volunteers are Spanish?

NESC aims to:

  1. Promote reading.
  2. Expand knowledge of the English language.
  3. Serve as a vehicle for reviewing and studying all areas of knowledge.

The school has a wide class schedule during school days, so when the children return from school, they have this reinforcement at their fingertips.

Our collaborator Khamis Maganga (former orphan of this Orphanage) is in charge of the local coordination. He knows the children, the workers and their entire internal system. This task also helps him to continue learning and to have a better quality of life.

The organized system based on cards and templates simplifies and makes the work of our volunteers more efficient.

Furthermore, after the last mission in August 2012, two more workshops have been started: the Environmental and the Nature; with the latter the children, helped by our volunteers, have created their own vegetable garden.

The teaching staff is guided and coordinated by:

Mr. Jose Andres Martinez Luciano

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