MAY 2017

On May 5th, 2017, a new Multidisciplinary Mission traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute in Zanzibar (Tanzania)

The mission was made up of: Dr Pedro Riesgo Suarez (Neurosurgeon and Coordinator), Dr Jose Ramon Perez del Valle (Traumatologist), Dr Francisco de Borja Maruenda Garcia-Peñuela (Traumatologist), Dr Isabel Asensio Romero (Anesthesiologist), Dr Mayca Gomez Martinez (Anstesiologist), Dr Raquel Peris Montalt (Anesthesiologist), Dr Juan Antonio Fernandez Cabrera (Intensivist, ICU Project), Dr Angelica Millan Billi (Traumatologist), Dr Paloma Millan Billi (Pulmonologist), along with the nurses: Mrs. Mª Pilar Martinez Parraga, Mrs. Anna Barat Zamora and Mrs. Charo Naranjo Martinez.

Their work was centrated on the daily outpatients evaluation in Outpatient Consultations. Surgical activity at the NED Institute (neurosurgical procedures). Daily care for hospitalized patients at the NED Institute and Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. Visit to patients admitted to the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, who were consulted. Daily holding of clinical sessions in which the evolution during the previous day of all the patients admitted to the NED Institute was reviewed.

Likewise, collaboration was established in the organization of the NED institute’s pharmacy and surgical warehouses. Collaboration by Dr. Juan Fernández (intensivist) with the doctors of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital ICU, in the care of patients admitted to that unit, as well as by Dr. Paloma Millan (pulmonologist) with the  ICU doctors and Internal Medicine service of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, in the patients admitted care to these units and participating in clinical sessions.

The chemotherapeutic treatment regimen was also started for a two-year-old patient with Wilms tumor who underwent surgery in February of this year in Pemba.

The Traumatology activity was performed in two operating rooms of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, performing 42 surgeries and 2 therapeutic acts. Organization and placement of donated Trauma material in the Institute’s warehouse. Visit in collaboration with the trauma team of the Hospital (head of the Dr. Shaib Service, and the Medical Assistants) in the trauma rooms (men, women and children), taking care of the patients and reviewing the cases one by one to give the pertinent instructions for a correct follow-up. Review of donated surgical material: its usefulness and how its use should be controlled and organized, both that material and the surgical material available to them.

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