MAY 2016

On the 14th, the Neurosurgical mission coordinated by Dr Guillermo Montes Graciano (Neurosurgeon) and composed by Dr Andreas Leidinger (Neurosurgeon) and the Nurses: Mrs. Pilar Gracia Estevez, Mrs. Mercedes Vallespin Sagarra and Mrs. Christel Baulo arrived at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

The work carried out until day 22nd, consisted of: assessment in consultations of patients with neurosurgical pathology. Neurosurgical interventions. Daily visit to hospitalized patients and medical follow-up with hospital assistance. Evaluations of severe traumatic patients admitted to Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. Assistance in cures to pediatric polytraumatic patient. Delivery of material and coloring books to pediatric patients. Review of the status of materials and drugs stored and expiration dates.

At the end of the month, specifically on the 28th, the second Multidisciplinary mission of the month of May 2016 began.

Coordinated by Dr Pedro Riesgo Suarez (Neurosurgeon), participated in it: Dr Juan Fernandez Cabrera (Intensivist), Dr Jose Ramon Perez del Valle (Traumatologist), Dr Isabel Asensio Romero (Anesthesiologist), Dr. Mª Carmen Gomez Martinez (Anesthesiologist), Dr Pablo González-López (Neurosurgeon), Dr Angela Millan Billi (Traumatologist), Mrs. Olga Martin Rodriguez (Scrub Nurse) and Mrs. Mª Rosario Naranjo Martinez (Scrub Nurse)

Their work focused on the daily evaluation of patients in Outpatient Consultations. Surgical activity at the NED Institute (neurosurgical procedures) and in theaters of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (trauma procedures). Daily care for hospitalized patients at the NED Institute. Visit to patients admitted to the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, who were consulted. Collaboration by Dr. Juan Fernández (intensivist), with the doctors from the ICU of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, in the care of patients admitted to said unit. Daily holding of clinical sessions in which the evolution during the previous day of all the patients admitted to the NED Institute was reviewed. Celebration of monographic clinical session “Initial management of trauma patient“, given by Drs. Asensio, Gómez and Cabrera and with the assistance of the NED Institute staff, members of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital department of anesthesiology and the rest of the NED volunteers displaced in the mission. Updating of attended patients’ database , in the electronic medical record.

Both missions were assisted by our Coordinator Mrs. Pilar Martinez Parraga.

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