MAY 2014

A new Gynecological mission travels to Pemba (Tanzania) in early May.

On this occasion, coordinated by Dr. Fernando Naranjo de la Puerta (Gynecologist), it is also made up of Dr. Ana Mª Casanova Fuset (Gynecologist), Dr. Caterina Canepele (Gynecologist), Dr. Raquel Villamar Ros (Anesthesiologist), Dr. Jose Carlos Alba Marin (Pediatrician) and Ms. Adriana Pausa Pocovi (Nurse).

During their stay at the Chake Chake Hospital they have visited gynecological patients in outpatient clinics; Pediatric consultations, control of admitted patients and attention to the needs of the delivery room. Scheduled surgery. Cures in the operating room.

On May 24th, a new multidisciplinary mission leaves for Zanzibar (Tanzania).

In this case and coordinated by Dr Silvia Mª Sanchez Morcillo (Intensivist), the following will travel: Dr Pedro A. Riesgo Suarez (Neurosurgeon), Dr Eric Robles Hidalgo (Neurosurgeon), Dr. Jose Mª Martinez Costa (Traumatologist ) and the nurses: Mrs. Ana Mª Jimenez Jimenez and Mr. Salvador Iñigo Clari

At the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital they carried out: Visits to outpatient neurosurgery and trauma consultations, screening of cases susceptible to surgical treatment in the current mission, as well as follow-up of patients operated on previous missions: Surgical interventions neurosurgery and traumatology; Postoperative care in the ICU of neurosurgical patients; Attention to patients with medical pathology admitted to the ICU and assistance to medical emergencies; Postoperative follow-up of patients transferred to the plant. Postoperative cures; Training tasks for local medical and nursing personnel; Inventory and organization of the material provided by the different missions and stored in the hospital.

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