MAY 2013

A new Multidisciplinary Mission has traveled to Zanzibar (Tanzania), where the following NED Volunteers traveled:

Dr Silvia Sánchez Morcillo (Intensivist), Dr Pedro Riesgo Suarez (Neurosurgeon), Dr Claudio Piqueras Perez (Neurosurgeon), Dr Francisco Piqueras Pérez (Otolaryngologist), Dr José Ramón Perez del Valle (Traumatologist), Dr Rebeca Sanchez Mateo (Traumatologist), Dr Miguel Agreda (Anesthesiologist) and the nurses: Mrs. Laura Sanjosé Rosa and Mr. Salvador Iñigo

They assisted in outpatient neurosurgery and trauma consultations, screening of cases susceptible to surgical treatment in the current mission, as well as monitoring of patients operated on previous missions; surgical operations neurosurgery and traumatology; postoperative care in the ICU of neurosurgical patients; care for patients with medical pathology admitted to the ICU and assistance to medical emergencies; postoperative follow-up of patients transferred to the plant. Postoperative cures. Training tasks for local medical and nursing personnel.

Great job from a great team.

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