MARCH 2020


On March 2, two missions arrived in Zanzibar..nd

La primera, coordinada por el Dr. José Piquer Belloch (Neurocirujano) contó con la colaboración de D. Luis Moreno Oliveras (Enfermero Intrumentista), D. Manuel Montagud Fos (Comercial médico) y Dª Mª Pilar Chisbert Genovés (Enfermera Instrumentista).

The first, coordinated by Dr. Jose Piquer Belloch (Neurosurgeon), had the collaboration of Mr. Luis Moreno Oliveras (Scrub Nurse), Mr. Manuel Montagud Fos (Medical Agent Sales) and Mrs. Maria Pilar Chisbert Genoves (Scrub Nurse).

It was a more organizational and resource management mission, to prepare for the start of a second phase, at the Institute: it will consist of providing the necessary tools, so that the Institute offers better quality care to the operated patients.

They also carried out: review of medical equipment, projector and PC of the Conference Room as well as external consultations. Office update. State review Surgical area and warehouses as well as central state sterilization, autoclaves and instruments. Start-up and central cleaning, sterilization and organization of all surgical instrument containers, real inventory and subsequent order logging in the warehouses and cabinets of both the Central and the Recovery Room. Completion of the ordering of the shelves, both in the Recovery Room and in the Sterilization Center. Enumeration of beds and placement of shelves for identification of medical records in each of the hospital wards. COSECSA resident training.

Dr. Piquer visited the Global Hospital to start the Neurosurgery project. Meeting with medical director. Visit to the Surgical Area, to identify resources. Contact with operating room supervision is established to start the project and share information for the organization of Neurosurgery at said center. Likewise, Dr. Piquer, Dr. Chisbert, Mr. Iddi, Dr. Said and Mr. Ali, visited the Association of parents with children affected by hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida. Dr. Piquer holds a meeting with the President of the Association, to develop cooperative ties.


The second, made up of a new group of volunteers to continue our ICU Project at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital.

On this occasion they have traveled: Mrs. Laura Juguera Rodriguez (ICU Nurse), Mrs. Laura Moreno Ruiz (ICU Nurse), Mrs. Gema Ruiz Nortes (ICU Nurse) and Dr Alejandro J. Ortin Freire (Intensivist).

Their work focused on carrying out activities related to the clinical care of patients admitted to the intensive care unit. Training of local health staff, as well as the continuation of the objectives set in the Project.


Given the situation at that time of the Coronavirus Pandemic, worldwide, the President of the Foundation, Dr. Piquer, decided to end missions of all the volunteers who were in Zanzibar, until a normal situation is established.

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