MARCH 2016

On March 15th, Mrs. Mª Pilar Martínez Párraga traveled to Zanzibar to take over the Coordination of the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute,  awarded a grant by the Foundation until June 6th, 2016.

During the first two weeks of her stay, she was accompanied by Nuria Ballo, who carried out the “function handover” in early April.

Like her predecessors, Mª Pilar took over the coordination and management of the Institute. Coordination of the missions planned during her stay. Updating and maintenance of the Institute’s Patient Base. Center staff training.

At the same time, a new Non-Medical mission arrived in Zanzibar, coordinated by Mrs. Antonia Martinez Gonsalbez (Non-Medical Projects Coordinator), together with Mrs. Rosa Gadea Martinez (Sewing and Crafts Workshop Coordinator).

Durante su estancia, su trabajo se centró en el Proyecto iniciado en  Aldea de Sebleni, realizando formación en  Inglés y Español al personal de Salvation School. Clases de Inglés alumnos Salvation School y niños de Sebleni. Talleres formación en Costura, corte y confección. Manualidades con materiales reciclados y telas locales. Creación de un Taller de Bisutería. Contacto Hoteles de la Isla para venta de productos. Montaje primera tienda de productos Matumaini en la Aldea. Juegos y excursiones con los niños.

During their stay, their work focused on the Project started in Sebleni Village, training Salvation School staff in English and Spanish. English classes Salvation School students and Sebleni children. Training workshops in Sewing, cutting and sewing. Crafts with recycled materials and local fabrics. Creation of a Jewelery Workshop. Contact Island Hotels for products sale. Installation of the first Matumaini product store in the Village. Games and excursions with children.

They also continued the relationship begun with the staff and children of the Mazizini Orphanage.

On the 23rd, our Medical Coordinator, Dr Jose Piquer traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute in order to carry out an on-site evaluation of the Institute’s progress and situation after its first year of operation.

Se unieron a él, las Coordinadoras Dª Nuria Ballo Martínez, Dª Pilar Martínez Párraga y Dª Amparo Molina Aracil.

The Coordinators Mrs. Nuria Ballo Martinez, Mrs. Pilar Martinez Parraga and Mrs. Amparo Molina Aracil joined him.

They held clinical sessions with hospital staff to review cases. Assistance work. Planning and execution of surgical activity. Surgery of previously selected cases. Collaboration in the review, reorganization and distribution of specific material. Training of the Center’s staff in various subjects.

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