JUNE 2019


On June 5th, our coordinator of Non-Medical Projects, Mrs. Antonia Martinez Gosalbez, and our coordinator of the Sewing Workshop, Mrs. Rosa Gadea Martinez, arrived in Zanzibar.

Their objective was to continue and support the project that the Foundation is developing in the Sebleni Village with the village women’s group, Matumaini.


On the 7th, a new Mutidisciplinary mission coordinated by Dr Pedro Riesgo Suarez (Neurosurgeon), who on this occasion was accompanied by Mrs. Pilar Martinez Parraga (Scrub Nurse), Dr Alicia Nieto Garcia (Pediatrician), Dr Gloria Giner Sopena (Pediatrician), Mrs. Maria Jose Angel Selfa (Nurse), Dr Juan Fernandez Cabrera (Intensivist), Mrs. Juani Marcos Ruiz (ICU Nurse), Dr Mayca Gomez Martinez (Anesthesiologist), Dr Inmaculada Palomar Rodenas (Anesthesiologist) and Mrs. Laura Navarro Gomez (Assistant).

Their work focused on the daily evaluation of outpatients in Outpatient Consultations. Daily holding of clinical sessions in which the evolution during the previous day of all the patients admitted to the NED Institute was reviewed. Surgical activity at the NED Institute (neurosurgical procedures and infiltration for pain treatment). Daily care for hospitalized patients at the NED Institute and Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. Collaboration by Dr. Juan Fernández (intensivist) with the ICU doctors of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, in the care of patients admitted to said unit. Collaboration in the organization of the pharmacy and surgical material warehouses of the NED institute. Collaboration by the pediatrics team with the doctors of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, in the care of pediatric patients admitted to said center.

The course: “3DN NED Foundation Neuroanatomy Training I Cycle, 3rd Course. Vascular module: aneurysms & avms. Skull base module: previous & middle skull base. Endoscopic & microscopic approaches ” was developed at Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute from June 10th to 12th, 2019, with 30 students from various countries.

It was directed by Drs. González-López, Riesgo Suárez, Vladimír Beneš, Chandrashekar Deopujari, A. Qureshi and M. Qureshi. COSECSA approved course for Neurosurgical training. In addition to lectures with 2D and 3D media, a Practical Workshop and 3DN Anatomy of the spine was held.

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