JUNE 2017



On June 10th, a new Multidisciplinary mission arrived at the Coast General Hospital (Mombasa, Kenya).

Coordinated by Dr Javier Orduna Martínez (Neurosurgeon), traveled with him: Dr David Fustero de Miguel (Neurosurgeon), Dr Mª Reyes Delgado Alvira (Pediatric Surgeon), Dr Paolo Bragagnini Rodriguez (Pediatric Surgeon), Dr Beatriz Curto Simon (Neonatologist), Dr Margarita Rodriguez Benjumea (Pediatric Neonatologist), Dr Laura Alcover Navarro (Anesthesiologist), Dr Lara Mª Vicente Martinez (Anesthesiologist) and scrub nurses: Mrs. Mª Jose Montesinos Gullen and Mrs. Cristina Perez Albors.

Eleven neurosurgical interventions of high degree of difficulty were carried out with teaching objective. Twenty-eight interventions were performed by pediatric surgery (Hypospadias, colostomy closures, omphalocele, hernias, duodenal atresia due to annular pancreas). On the part of the neonatologists, in addition to caring for the admitted patients, they trained the pediatric doctors of Hospital.

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