2016 began with the arrival at the Mnazi Mmoja Ned Surgical Institute of Mrs. Nuria Ballo Martinez, with a grant from the Foundation, to take over the Coordination of the Center. Her stay will last until April of this year.

Nuria will carry out in this period the coordination and management of the Institute during her stay. Coordination of the missions planned during your stay. Updating and maintenance of the Institute’s Patient Base. Practical teaching of the staff of the Center.

Pocos días después, concretamente el día 9, llegó a Zanzíbar nuestra primera misión Neuroquirúrgica de 2016. Coordinada por el Dr. Alain Flor-Goikoetxea Gamo (Neurocirujano), estuvo compuesta por el Dr. Alberto Blanco Ibáñez de Opacua (Neurocirujano), el Dr. Luca Chirichiello (Anestesiólogo), la Dra. Andrea Garcia Tracho (Anestesiólogo), la Dra. Nuria Sanchez Donoso (Intensivista), Mrs. Sonia Medina Lahoz (Enfermera), Mrs. María Fernandez Navarrete (Enfermera Instrumentista), Mr. Daniel Seriñan Pérez (Enfermero Instrumentista), Mr. David Rios Faure (Enfermero UCI) y Mrs. Mª Blanca Duarte Alvero (Enfermera UCI)

A few days later, on the 9th, our first Neurosurgical mission of 2016 arrived in Zanzibar. Coordinated by Dr Alain Flor-Goikoetxea Gamo (Neurosurgeon), it was composed by Dr Alberto Blanco Ibañez de Opacua (Neurosurgeon), Dr Luca Chirichiello (Anesthesiologist), Dr Andrea Garcia Tracho (Anesthesiologist), Dr Nuria Sanchez Donoso (Intensivist), Mrs. Sonia Medina Lahoz (Nurse), Mrs. Maria Fernandez Navarrete (Scrub Nurse), Mr. Daniel Seriñan Pérez (Scrubt Nurse), Mr. David Rios Faure (ICU Nurse) and Mrs. Mª Blanca Duarte Alvero (ICU Nurse)

They had the invaluable help of Nuria, Institute Coordinator.

During their stay on the island they carried out: Assessment of patients in consultation room, clinical assessment and selection of patients with neurosurgical pathology. Planning and execution of surgical activity: Surgery of previously selected cases. Collaboration in the review, reorganization and distribution of specific material. Teaching functions of local nursing personnel in the acquisition of knowledge as a circulating nurse. Follow-up of the operated patients.

On Saturday the 23rd, a new Gynecological mission traveled to the Chake Chake Hospital in Pemba (Tanzania).

On this occasion, this large group of volunteers was formed by Dr Rosa Barrachina Tortajada (Gynecologist and Mission Coordinator), Dr Ana Casanova Fuset (Gynecologist), Dr Eduardo Rovira Daudí (Intensivist), Dr Nerea Bueno Latorre (Anesthesiologist), Mrs. Ermelinda Abarca Cañada (Midwife) and the nurses Mr. Cristian Olivert Riera and Mr. Jesús Guardiola Siurana.

They saw patients in consultation room and performed surgeries; ward control and prescribed treatments for gynecological  patients, and for other specialties admitted to the Hospital; …


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