ON THE NEXT DAY: Child operated on for hydrocephalus by endoscopy talking to his relatives ten hours after the operation ( Nyery Hospital – Kenya, July 2011)

During this July the Neurosurgery Education and Development Foundation (NED) has continued its program of projects in East Africa. t this time several teams of specialists have moved to Kenya and Zanzibar in order to consolidate its presence in the Region.

Entre el 14 y el 17 de julio, Luis Moreno y Jose Piquer viajaron hasta el corazón de Kenia en la región de Nyeri.

Between July 14th and 17th, Luis Moreno and Jose Piquer traveled to the heart of Kenya in the Nyeri region. Together with local neurosurgeon Dr Peter Wanyoike an “Intensive Surgery Day” was organized: three operating rooms dedicated exclusively to neurosurgery. A total of 17 patients underwent surgery: 7 neuroendoscopies, 3 brain tumors, 3 spinal lesions, a dorsal corporectomy, two laminectomies … … A milestone for African neurosurgery that can hardly be matched in any modern hospital center. What a great job you did Luis: our most sincere congratulations! How much you have learned and we have learned from you!

Subsequently, the team moved to Mombasa to fulfill an extensive program of neurosurgical activities and interventions, joining the group, the NED volunteers: Gisela Alaman, Marta Mora and Ana del Pozo. Thanks to the coordination of Gisela, she is undoubtedly the most experienced NED volunteer, they carried out an unprofessional work both in healthcare and teaching: childhood heart disease, postoperative in high-risk children, very complex neurosurgery …… Days of more than 15 hours, without discouragement, without discouragement, in a sometimes hostile environment and with few means

At the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, NED is developing its new project with the idea of offering neurosurgical and intensive care to a population of more than 5 million inhabitants. We met with the hospital manager to sign a definitive agreement in the coming months that will further promote and settle this new NED aspiration.

The mission activity continued in Pemba and Zanzibar, until it formed a health team of 11 people (record in the NED missions): Sonia Gomar, Sandra Sala, Erme Abarca, Rosa Barrachina, Aruma Jiménez and Yeray Novoa, joined the rest of the group.

From July 22nd to 31st, the team worked at the Chake Chake Hospital in Pemba and the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar in a five-fold f of: neurointensive, nursing, gynecology, pediatrics and neurosurgery. Very complicated mission, HUGE. Our congratulations to ALL. It was not easy, they know it perfectly: very complex patients, with delicate associated pathologies, small in very serious situations ……….. But YOU HAVE DONE it. More than 300 patients have been treated and the number of neuro / gynecological interventions has exceeded 50, always trying to protect, train and gain the trust of local health personnel to continue growing together.

For the first time, Pediatrics and Gynecology have joined NED. WHAT A GREAT HIT. If you improve the care of both, the result can be spectacular: less hydrocephalus, less spina bifida, less infantile cerebral palsy …… The needs are tremendous, there is no specialized care or health circuits for delivery care. Pemba, unexplored paradise, is totally neglected. We want it to remain paradise without transmitting to you the miseries of the “civilized” world, but with less neonatal mortality / morbidity. The NED Gine-Pediatrics project is already underway: we expect a lot from Rosa, Herme, Sandra, Yeray….

During this stay, NED met with Dr Jamala, Medical Director of the Mnazi Mnoja Hospital and authorities from the Ministry of Health of the Government of Zanzibar. They have given us a parcel of land to build the first NED Institute within the Mnazi Mnoja Hospital Facilities. It has been the most difficult (it is easier for an ant to move a mountain than to move those who rule). Much remains to be done: funding, time, volunteers. … .. We calmly believe that it is the great step that NED needs to consolidate all its programs. Getting it depends on everyone, it depends a lot on you.

We did not forget to visit the Forodhani Orphanage. Marta and Yeray carried out an exhaustive medical check-up on all the children. Finally, thanks to the intervention of Rosa Barrachina, Halim underwent surgery for his inguinal hernia, which caused him serious medical and psychological discomfort. The Orphanage project grows with each mission, we not only take care of them, we also try to expand their training: the English school is already a reality. But most importantly, the number of people who know them, who think of them, who want to protect and help them, grows with each visit. They do not ask us for more money, but to have more relatives.

In short, many of you have discovered that Africa is a surprising and extraordinary continent, full of cultural and human wealth, whose unique attraction inspires the desire to live and know it in depth. But that Africa continues to be the poorest continent in the world, with the worst health indicators and the worst per capita income on the planet. In this context, NED tries to contribute the best it has: the knowledge, time and above all the generosity of its faithful volunteers to this African oral tradition:

If you see wild beasts attacking the man, don’t say: “Leave that man”, but “Leave us”

If you see raptors devouring the corpse of a man, do not say: “Leave this corpse of a man”, but “Leave us”

because all those men are in solidarity.

It is practically an order to follow, a injunction, an ethical reference.

How much we have to learn!

A hug: NED Fundation

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