Last weekend, a group of volunteers met in order to prepare the packages to load our 2nd Humanitarian Aid Container to the Mnazi Mmojini Hospital and the Mazizini Orphanage (formerly Forodhani) both located in Zanzibar (Tanzania).

From these lines, we would like to thank all those people who have donated some of their belongings to this Solidarity Container. This time, we have collected a hospital stretcher, sanitary material, probes, syringes and a multitude of medicines, together with clothes, toys, books, pencils,… In addition, one of our volunteers has donated 5 completely new sewing machines and another friend from the Foundation, a complete playground, also brand new, consisting of a tower, slide, climbing wall, a dinosaur, a bench and a wastebasket, all for the garden of the Orphanage.

We especially want to thank very sincerely, the help that, in these places of loading and unloading, gives us Manolo and his colleagues, and for another one, the owners and employees of the warehouse, because, thanks to their generosity, we have a place to keep everything you send us.

Yesterday, February 24th, 2011, we loaded the container with everything you, NED friends and volunteers , donated to us. It left for the port of Valencia it has previewed its departure next March 2nd and we expect it to arrive on April 22nd, coinciding with one of our missions.

Once again a thousand million thanks to all for your invaluable collaboration and for sharing with us the illusion of a project that fills us with happiness and pride.

We continue and will continue collecting your donations and contributions, just send an email via Facebook or to secretaria@nedfundacion.org to arrange the move to the warehouse.

Thank you very much!! Asante sana!

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