Help during COVID. End of Stage. Started on  March 4th, 2020. Ends today.

Over 400 patients operated on: successes, Tatu, fears, enthusiasm, COVID’s stampedes, adaptation, courses, organisation, complex surgeries, less infection, pole pole, 1st NED Resident, Muly, almost no complications, Hadia, missions, microsurgery, empathies, Neuro Pemba, Oslo, thousands of consultations, collapse, mess, life, always smiles, Bergen, frustrations, local empowerment, new House of Hope, volunteers, matathisers, Skill Lab, hearings with President……

It is complex and there are no words, there is a diary of an inexplicable time that we hope one day to look at it and read it without pretense for the simple privilege of seeing it as one looks at an African sunset.


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