Dear NED Friends,

MOHAMMED HAJI is a doctor at the Mnazi Moja Hospital (Zanzibar, Tanzania). He survives with a salary equivalent to 100 euros a month for marathon days. A tireless worker, a discreet and humble man, his unique character and good work define him. Undoubtedly, he is the best coordinator and assistant that NED has had in his tours of East Africa during the last four years. It has been our great supporter when few believed in our project. He is, without a doubt, “a great man”.

The reality is that we had prepared a one-month stay in our hospital (Hospital Univ. de la Ribera, Alzira). NED financed travel, health insurance, maintenance and training. Thanks to good people from Alzira, their accommodation was guaranteed. We had many plans for him: rotary in neurosurgery, plastic surgery, general surgery and traumatology with the idea of training him in basic techniques of different specialties. The benefit for the people of Zanzibar when Mohammed returned would be very positive.

But for that to be possible, it needed a mere formality. A process that the Spanish Embassy in Tanzania resolved with a resounding no, alleging that it has no guarantees or financial means for its Visa after Mohammed spent two weeks in Dar es Salaam, the country’s capital, waiting for a response to his visa application. How to demand a mortgage or a bank guarantee when your salary is 100 euros a month and when the reason why you come to Spain is precisely because you have no where or how to train without the help and support of any organization? His request was endorsed by us, with proof of the completion of the stay, financial support, round-trip airline tickets and relevant insurance.

This is the second time that the tremendous unreason that inspires part of the current regulations of our country, so standard-bearer when the moment and the headlines demand it from that Alliance of Civilizations and that vanguard of cooperation to the development that they claim to represent, and from which they are so far when they face the dramatic reality of thousands of people.

With these lines we wanted to denounce his case and remember that the failure of our Embassy only encourages us to continue working more and better and strengthens our commitment to those who have less.There is no doubt that our great goal is and will be for Mohammed to come to Valencia. We will succeed and do not forget that your help, your support and the spread of this injustice are essential to achieve our purpose.


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