One more year, Dr Jose Luis Llacer Ortega (Neurosurgeon) heads the second Neurosurgical mission in 2019, which traveled to Zanzibar (Tanzania) on February 2nd, remaining in the Mnazi Mmoja NED until the 9th.

This year, Dr Maria Galiana Ivars (Anesthesiologist), Dr Melodie Alvarez Garoña (Pediatric Anesthesiologist), Dr Guillermo Garcia Catalan (Neurosurgeon) and Mrs. Marta Lopez Ramos (Scrub Nurse) have accompanied him.

They held: morning sessions. Neurosurgery clinical consultations. Surgical interventions – Neurosurgery. Evaluation of postsurgical patients in the Hospitalization Room. Assessment and treatment of pediatric patients. Microscope review, material and its organization.


On Monday February 11th, began their mission in the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar (Tanzania), Dr Rebeca Hernandez Vaquero (Intensivista) will remain on the island until the 24th of this month and Dr Maria Colomo Gonzalez (Intensivista ) who extended his mission until next March 9th.

During their mission, they carried out the assessment of patients in the Unit, elaboration of diagnosis, treatment plan and complementary tests. Assessment of patients in other areas of the Hospital (Emergencies, hospitalization plants and the NED Institute). Training for the local staff of the Unit: evaluation, diagnostic judgments and treatment plans to subsequently discuss the result and modify it if necessary, different techniques (intubation, central venous line, pleural drainage, etc.). Creation of a teaching plan that includes the fundamental aspects of Intensive Medicine. Emergency patient care during local staff guards at the Hospital.


On the 17th a Neurosurgical mission landed in Zanzibar bound for the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, Dr Angel Horcajadas Almansa (Neurosurgeon) and Dr Leonor Meana Carballo (Neurosurgeon) who remained on the Island until February 24th.

During their stay they made: Daily clinical sessions. Consult more than 30 patients. Plant pass daily (heals wounds, etc.). Interconsultations Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. 13 Surgeries. Inventory of surgical and anesthetic material. Wardrobes ordered.


One more year and within our  NED Gynecology Project, Dr Rosa Barrachina Tortajada (Gynecologist) gathered a large group that worked at the Chake-Chake Hospital in Pemba (Tanzania) until March 15th.

She was accompanied by: Dr Asuncion Lorente Hervas (Gynecologist), Dr Debora Gomez Palomares (Gynecologist), Dr Nerea Bueno Latorre (Anesthesiologist) Dr Hilario Pellicer Chover (Odontologist), Dr Rafael Sala Lopez (General Surgeon), Mrs. Mayca Fuertes Hinarejos (Midwife), Mrs. Mavi Mingacho Cervera (Nurse), Mrs. Alba Asensio Sanz de Larrea (Nurse) and Mrs. Laura Salas Mesa (Nurse).

Their work translated into: Organizing all the materials and medications they brought with them in a room. Preparation of the operating room, as well as collaboration with the staff in all the surgeries they performed. Verify and diagnose the patients who visited them and select those in need of surgery. Work in the delivery room and maternal ward, mainly assisting and teaching about work techniques. In-room verification of all operated patients, giving them the necessary medications (during their hospital stay and at home) and treating surgical wounds daily. Assist local staff with patients for whom they seek advice. Work in dental office with the responsible staff, training them in anesthesia and dental extraction techniques, insisting on the importance of preventive medicine (oral hygiene, scale and root planning, as well as cleaning habits at home) and performing various surgeries (eg abscess curettage, root extractions and dental extractions in adults and children) about 30 patients/day. Performing all necessary surgeries, which was the basis of our help.

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