The first missions of 2012 took place between the 18th and 26th of February.

This time the volunteers that composed the Neurosurgical mission were: Dr Gisela Alamán y Laguarda (Intensivist), Dr Jose Luis Llácer (Neurosurgeon), Dr Gonzalo Lepe Gómez (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Amparo Piquer Altarriba (Scrub nurse) and Mrs. Demelsa Martínez Cordellat (ICU nurse) whose destination was the Coast General Hospital placed in Mombasa (Kenia) where they meda operations withl Dr Mahmood Qureshi (African Medical Coordinator)

NED’s Gynecological mission whose destination was Chake Chake Hospital in Pemba island was composed of the following volunteers: Dr Rosa Barrachina Tortajada (Gynecologist), Mrs. Ermelinda Abarca Cañada (Midwife), Dr Yeray Nóvoa Medina (Pediatrician), Mrs. Almudena Aparicio López (Midwife) and Dr Fernando Naranjo de la Puerta (Gynecologist). There they attended many births and made gynecological procedures. The mission members went to de Mazizini Orphanage where, in addition to serving the emotional part of the children who live there, Dr Nóvoa made ​​them a complete pediatric examination./vc_column_text]

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