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You can make a donation by debit or credit card through our secure payment area PayPal or by clicking here:


You can also make a bank transfer to one of our accounts:

LA CAIXA: ES48 2100 5578 0202 0013 3288

SABADELL: ES26 0081 0145 0000 0236 1938

Donating is now easier

You can donate using Bizum (if you have a Spanish bank account)

 Send your donation via Bizum using our code 04140

Or filling out this form ☺️

    Donating has tax advantages. Depending on national legislation, you can deduct up to 80% of your donation on your income tax return. For example, in Spain, if you contribute €150 in one year, you can deduct €120. If you have collaborated with the same organisation for more than 3 years without reducing your contribution, your loyalty will be rewarded and you will be able to deduct more in your tax return. Every year we send you your tax certificate by email so you have everything you need.

    Your donation will help us provide comprehensive support to more children, improve the wellbeing of their families, and train more health professionals

    We guarantee that we will do so with the utmost transparency

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