On December 1st, our last mission of this 2018 started..

Seven volunteers coordinated by Dr Jesus Lafuente Baraza (Neurosurgeon), worked at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Intitute until December 10th.

Dr. Lafuente was accompanied by: Dr Sara Valles Angulo (Intensivist), Dr Juan Luis Fernandez Candil (Anesthesiologist), Dr Esther Vila Barriuso (Anesthesiologist), Dr Joaquim Enseñat Nora (Neurosurgeon), Dr Nerea Goicoechea Sadaba (Traumatologist) and the scrub nurses, Mrs. Maria Albert Ardanuy and Mrs. Anna Sabadell Garcia.

During their mission, they consulted patients. Visits to potential surgery patients (43 patients). Assessment of nursing material and material organization brought from Spain. Operating room assessment, organization of medication for general anesthesia procedures. ICU Mnazi Mmoja Hospital staff assessment, hospitalized patients, among others. Neurosurgical interventions (25 patients). Training sessions with crazy staff

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