We continue with the Neuro and PsicoNed missions

This weekend 2 new missions have left for Zanzibar, composed of 9 volunteers, who will stay there for 9 days.

The NEUROSURGERY MISSION is coordinated by Dr. Riesgo (neurosurgeon), who is accompanied by Alberto Herranz Gordo (anesthesiologist), Elena Montesinos Sanchís (pediatrician), Francisco Mateo Piqueras Pérez (otolaryngologist), Ana María Piqueras Sánchez (otolaryngologist), Carmen Fajardo Montañana (endocrinologist), Isabel Argente (pediatric nurse), and Pablo Riesgo Sanchis (resident physician).

This mission will take place at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Institute in Zanzibar.

The other mission, PSICONED VOLUNTEER MISSION, will be carried out by Renata Herms (psychologist), with a cognitive neurorehabilitation program at the House of Hope in Zanzibar, the social-health center that the NED foundation supports since 2021.

We wish them every success in their mission!!!!

Asante Sana!!

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