Once again, our volunteers have traveled to Zanzibar (Tanzania) during August 2019.

Dr Christopher Bonfield (Neurosurgeon), Dr Reid C. Thomson (Neurosurgeon), Dr Scott Zuckerman (Neurosurgeon) and Mrs. Elizabeth Haley Vance (Nurse) from Vanderbilt University in Nashville (Tennessee, USA)  traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

Their work focused on: outpatient clinic. Surgical cases. Ronda hospitalization room. Conference for neurosurgery and orthopedics in the morning rounds.


The second Neurosurgical mission of the month, from Saarland (Germany) was made up of Prof. Joachim Oertl (Neurosurgeon), Dr Christoph Sippl (Neurosurgeon), Dr Fritz Teping (Neurosurgeon), Dr Dorothea Münschen (Neurosurgeon ), Dr Akos Csokonay (Neurosurgeon), Dr Matthias Hülser (Neurosurgeon), Dr Daniel Kiefer (Anesthesiologist), Mrs. Luisa Klee (Nurse) and Mrs. Jennfer Schmitt (Assistant).

During their stay they were in charge of: the organization and material review, medication, equipment, instruments. Selection of cases for surgical intervention. Surgery of previously selected cases.


Subsequently and corresponding to our UCI Project, Dr Maria Colomo Gonzalez (Intensivist) traveled to Zanzibar and remained on the island until September 21st.

Her work focused on carrying out activities related to the clinical care of patients admitted to the intensive care unit. Training of local health personnel, as well as the continuation of the objectives set in the Project.

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