One more year, our volunteers have traveled to Zanzibar (Tanzania) during the month of August 2018.

First, on the 9th, our second Non-Medical Mission traveled, made up of Mrs. Mª del Mar de la Torre Sicilia (Teacher), Mrs. Inmaculada Sanchez Ortiz, Mrs. Carmen Valero Alepuz (Special Education Educator) and Mrs. Clara Cañellas Valero (Fine Arts) .

They continued with the project started in the Sebleni Village, in the Matumaini workshop, as well as visits to the Mazizini Orphanage..


Later, from Vanderbilt University in Nashville (Tennessee, USA), Dr Reid C. Thomson (Neurosurgeon), Dr Scott Zickerman (Neurosurgeon), Dr Amanda Wright (Neurosurgeon) and Dr Autumn Zuckerman (Pharmaceutical)

During their stay they held morning sessions. Neurosurgery clinic consultation and surgical interventions. Evaluation of postsurgical patients in the Hospitalization Room..


Since August 27th, Dr Maria Colomo Gonzalez (Intensivist) incorporated the ICU Project at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar (Tanzania), prolonging her stay until September 8th.

She was joined on the 31st by Dr Blanca Gracia Gutierrez (Intensivist), who remained on the island until November 3rd.

Their work focused on collaboration with the hospital’s ICU medical team, in the diagnosis, management and treatment of patients in the area, especially in polytraumatized patients, women with complications of pregnancy, postoperative neurosurgery and patients with heart failure. Teaching, supervision, and collaboration regarding central line placement, dialysis catheters, ultrasound-guided central line canalization, chest tube placement, pleurecath, and use of the Heimlich valve, orotracheal intubation, and use of airway devices difficult, use of empirical antibiotic therapy according to focus of infection, use of vasoactive drugs, among other techniques.

As a summary of her stay, Dr. Gracia told us that: “The entire ICU team are excellent people, and they have treated me like one more. At the NED Institute I have also felt respected and well cared for. I have also learned to value the resources that we have in our country and how to optimize them in case of emergency

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