During August 2016, a large group of volunteers traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute in Zanzibar (Tanzania)

The coordinator of this great Multidisciplinary mission was led by Dr Jose Pique Belloch (Neurosurgeon and NED Medical Coordinator) who was accompanied by: Dr Pablo Extremera Navas (Intensivist), Dr Carola Gutierrez Melon (Intensivist), Dr Vicente Ruiz Tamarit (Anesthesiologist), Dr Leticia Fernandez Tranche (Neurosurgeon), Dr Francisco Luna Andrade (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Mª Pilar Chisbert Genoves (Scrub Nurse), Mrs. Demelsa Martinez Cordellat (Nurse), Mrs. Mª Esperanza Perez Belenguer (Physiotherapist) and Mrs. Patricia Cano Sogorb (Circulating operating room assistant).

In addition, two medical students accompanied them: Mr. Borja Sanz Peña and Mrs. Marian Botella Vivo, in what was our third student mission to the Institute, validating their practices with their work at the Institute.

The following activities were carried out: Clinical and teaching sessions: 15 sessions on intensive care; about nerve blocks; on sedation and intubation in the ICU; prevention and treatment of ventriculo-peritoneal shunt infection. Nursing care: daily patient’s hygiene, wound healing, prevention of pressure ulcers, intravenous catheters, monitoring, patient’s nutrition, compliance with the prescribed treatment and registration in the medical history of any nursing activity and information to the relatives of perioperative or medical care received. Usage of the post-anesthetic recovery room on a regular basis for patient care both before and after surgery. More than 20 surgeries have been performed, more than 50% of them pediatric, and about 15% septic. Container reception; start of maintenance works (painting, improvement of toilets); installation of two televisions; reception of two incubators; Limiting the movement of vehicles at the entrance of the institute and cleaning the peripheral area of ​​the hospital; Improvement of the doctor’s room and adaptation to house the possible doctor and nurse on call.

At this time, the first Physiotherapeutic mission to the Institute took place, led by Marié Pérez, student of the “I Master in Medical-Surgical Care and Rehabilitation of Neurological Patients” of the CEU-NISA Foundation Chair in Neuroscience, in which local personnel were trained in prolonged immobilization, postural changes, …; carrying out a protocol for the prevention of low back injury; contact with the staff of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital for future programs and collaborations; help with medical and nursing tasks when necessary.

Likewise, the I Theoretical Essential Critical Care Course was organized, directed by Dr Jose Piquer and Dr Pablo Extremera, aimed at the Institute’s staff.

Our Medical Director remained on the Island until October 24th, carrying out the coordination and management of the Mnazi Mmoja NED Institute during his stay.

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