APRIL 2016

On Sunday the 3rd, a new Multidisciplinary  mission arrived in Zanzibar bound for the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

It was coordinated by Dr Javier Orduna Martinez (Neurosurgeon) accompanied by Dr Paolo Ant. Bragagnini Rodriguez (Pediatric Surgeon), Dr Reyes Delgado Alvira (Pediatric Surgeon), Dr Deborah Martinez Gomez (Neurosurgeon) and Mrs. Cristina Perez Albors (Scrub Nurse), where they remained until April 10th.

They had the invaluable help of our Coordinators Mrs. Nuria Ballo Martínez and Mrs. Pilar Martínez Párraga.

During their stay, they carried out evaluation visits of patients named in consultation to assess scheduled surgical treatment. Visit and evaluation of pediatric patients hospitalized in Mnazi Mmoja Hospital susceptible to surgical treatment. Evaluation and medical and surgical treatment of pediatric patients with pathologies of Pediatric Surgery. Channel peripheral pathways to pediatric patients. Surgical intervention of programmed patients. Care assistance guiding and supporting the NED staff in the mission, directly attending to hospitalized patients. Cures and follow-up of operated patients. Organization and classification of mission material. Teach surgical instrumentation techniques. Exploration of the new ICU installed in the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital and establishment of contacts with current leaders. Participation in the coordination relay between Nuria Ballo and Pilar Martínez. Redistribution and reconditioning of the sterilization plant after the provision of a second autoclave. Re-evaluation of needs 15 months after the opening and start-up of the Institute. Nursing training and re-education workshops for NED staff: Nursing Assessment, Neurological Assessment of the patient, Assessment and care of the patient with hydrocephalus, Management and care of external ventricular drainage and externalized valves. Assessment of patients for future missions.

On April 23rd, a new mission has arrived in Zanzibar bound for the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

It is coordinated by Dr Jose Luis Gil Salu (Neurosurgeon) accompanied by Dr Irene Iglesias Lozano (Neurosurgeon), Dr Astrid Batalla Gonzalez (Anesthesiologist), Dr Marta Argilaga Nogues (Anesthesiologist) and Mrs. Patricia García Teja (Scrub Nurse), where they remained until May 1s.

There was as we already informed you, our Coordinator Ms. Pilar Martinez Parraga.

Their work consisted of conducting clinical sessions every morning with the Center’s staff: incidents, hospitalized patients, new admissions, and patients scheduled for surgery. Consultations with the Institute’s medical staff. Approach of conservative treatment guidelines in patients not susceptible to surgical treatment. Urgent evaluations in the Traumatology room of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, (in spinal and cranioencephalic trauma). Various surgeries: tumor, infectious pathology and CSF alterations Cures and follow-up of operated patients. Action guidelines. During the surgical procedures, training tasks were carried out with both the medical and nursing staff: involvement of the center’s staff, explanation of the problem or the reason for one or another action.

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