APRIL 2014


On April 20th, a new Neurosurgical mission traveled to Zanzibar (Tanzania), coordinated by Dr Claudio Piqueras Perez (Neurosurgeon) accompanied by Dr Matias Felipe Murcia (Neurosurgeon), Dr Mª Teresa Verdu Martinez ( Anesthesiologist) and Mrs. Teresa Carrasco Bustos (Scrub Nurse).

During their stay at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, they have carried out the evaluation of patients in outpatient clinics, new to review specific pathologies; patients in the ward have been evaluated. Neurosurgical interventions; The evolution of the wounds has been monitored, the treatments have been reviewed and the drains have been removed in a timely manner, together with the local nursing staff for training purposes; Post-operative care in the intensive care unit by the Mission Anesthetist.

Likewise, teaching activities were carried out in the form of presentations on the neurosurgical management of traumatic cranial hematomas, hydrocephalus, and dysraphisms. Due to hospital problems, the talks could not be offered to the staff, but the Power Point talks were left on the teaching computer in English.

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