APRIL 2012

A new non-Medical mission traveled to Mazizini Orphanage with its baggage full of love and desire to work.

This time our non-Medical projects coordinator, Mrs. Antonia Martínez Gosálbez, accompanied by: Mrs. Rosa M. Gadea Martínez (Seewing classroon coordinator), Dr José Piquer Belloch (NED Medical Coordinator), Mrs. Mar Piquer Martínez (Student), Mr. José Piquer Martínez (NED Communication Coordinator), Mr. Carlos Martinez Gadea (Student), Mrs. Rosa Mª Piquer Belloch (Elementary and Early Childhood Education Professor), Mrs. Julia Ramón Escorihuela (Dance instructor) and Mrs. Clara Ros Esteve (Student)

All the children of the Orphanage made learning and attention tests and they participated in games and activities.

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