With this letter we would deeply like to thank to Paul Young and Lisa Sorrentino Young for their invaluable donation of $250,000 for the construction of the NED Clinic Institute in Zanzibar.

Paul is the Honorific President of NED, our great protector, our incredible teacher and the one that has passionately contributed to NED’s activities since Toni Gomez (the best of NED), Moody Qureshi and Jose Piquer started this project more than 10 years ago.

It has been the most important donation received by NED since it was created.

We live in uncertain and difficult times in which people are facing incredible challenges. Now, more than ever, any project needs to be explained and justified. In this context, generous, committed, truly friends like you that are involved in projects they believe in are the best example to all of us.

You know how difficult has been the journey so far and the enormous challenges that Zanzibar and the poorest region in the planet face. In spite of these difficulties, you still believe that there are possibilities for change, that they deserve more opportunities to thrive. This thought inspires us every time we come back to Zanzibar, showing that without generosity, everything is more costly.

In our last mission, we performed surgeries to 15 ill children affected with serious neurological conditions. Once again we have confirmed that the incidence of this type of disease is really high and, most important of all, shocking. It has not been easy to work in tough circumstances, in which you have to deal with extreme cases daily. Our dream of alleviating health care conditions in the poorest areas remains strong thanks to your donation.

We are part of a foundation that has not enough funds and resources by itself to fund entirely all the costs associated with the construction of the Institute in Zanzibar. Therefore, your support has been the greatest Christmas gift.

We hope to begin the works shortly. I am confident that all the citizens of Zanzibar, the members and friends of NED, our families and our volunteers are grateful for your generosity.

Your donation is a turning point for NED.

Million thanks Lisa and Paul, we needed this token of trust. I would like to share with you this African saying,

Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.”

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