Our History

We have been committed to advancing global neurosurgery for more than a decade

The NED Foundation was established in 2008 to channel the philanthropic concerns of a group of healthcare professionals. After several years of travelling in Africa, neurosurgeon Jose Piquer Belloch created the foundation to serve the most vulnerable patients and professionals who need the most support.

The NED Foundation drives health cooperation and training initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa, concentrating on the Central and East African region. During this time, we have organised more than 300 healthcare and training missions in the region. We built the first humanitarian neurosurgery centre with the government of Zanzibar. We have worked with Spanish and international organisations to improve access to neurosurgical care. We have established a comprehensive social and health support centre for children with hydrocephalus and spina bifida and their families. We have funded scholarships and training grants for health professionals and we lead a Chair in Global Neuroscience and Social Change with VIU University. 

Through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, our tireless collaborators and the support of our partners and donors, we aim to close the global health gap. But we still have a long way to go.

Join us in our quest for accessible and equitable neurosurgery for all

We started physiotherapy and neuropsychological evaluation programs at the House of Hope

We acquired and adapted a vehicle for transporting patients with reduced mobility

International course "Neuro-Oncology Brain Hemisphere Anatomy through Clinical Cases" at NED Institute together with Prof. Paul Young and Prof. Ugur Ture

Leave of absence and training and assistance stay of NED's President in Zanzibar

Record annual number of surgeries at the NED Institute

Opening of the House of Hope in Zanzibar

Creation of the VIU-NED Chair in Global Neuroscience and Social Change

Leave of absence and training and assistance stay of NED's President in Zanzibar

Agreement with Child-Help International and the patients' association for the creation of the House of Hope in Zanzibar
The first resident, Dra. Muly, begins training at the NED Institute in Zanzibar
Official accreditation of the NED Institute as a training center by COSECSA.

Launching of the NED-COSECSA scholarship with training stays in Spain

We created the NED Global Neurosurgery Fellowship for neurosurgeons, together with Weill Cornell New York
CEU-NED Chair for Teaching and Research in Neurosciences

Joint Mission to Zanzibar with the Barrow Neurological Institute (Arizona, USA)

Inauguration of the NED Mnazi Mmoja Institute

We organize the first courses at the NED Institute

First NED Global Neurosurgery Fellowship for Nurses

We signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health of Zanzibar for the creation and co-management of the NED Mnazi Mmoja Institute
We developed the plan to create the future NED Institute at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital
First brain tumor operation performed in Zanzibar
We organize surgical missions in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Rwanda
NED is created and established as a foundation
Launch of mobile neuroendoscopy program in East Africa
First trips to Africa
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