Who we are

We are committed to advancing global neurosurgery. We aim to transform under-resourced health systems through high-impact initiatives that Equip, Treat and Educate (ETE), care for the most vulnerable patients and promote local expertise.

Neurosurgical care should be neither a luxury nor a privilege.


Join us in closing global health gaps

Our history

Did you know that, if they needed it, almost 5 billion people in the world could not be operated on safely today?

Founded in 2008 and chaired by neurosurgeon Jose Piquer Belloch, the NED Foundation works to ensure that more people have access to dignified medical and surgical care.

In that time, we have helped thousands of patients and pioneered the training of African doctors. From establishing the first neurosurgery centre in Zanzibar to developing social support initiatives, we aim to break down barriers and create opportunities for lasting change.

Transparent and accountable

The doctor-patient relationship is based on a fundamental principle: trust. We foster trust with our donors, partners and volunteers through transparency.

In this section you can download our activity reports and all our audited financial statements. You can also consult the accreditation of the Fundación Lealtad, which recognises us as a trustworthy and transparent organisation. Because that’s the way we want to work.

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