For the first missions in 2013 were chosen Harare (Zimbabwe) and Pemba (Tanzania) as its destination.

The fisrt mission of the year was developed in Parirenyatwa Hospital & Harare Central Hospital (Harare, Zimbabwe) where Dr Mahmood Qureshi (African medical Coordinator) and Dr José Piquer Belloch (Medical Coordinator for Europe)

Along the trip, they had meetings with Clinical Directors of both Hospitals, and with the Dean of the Zimbabwe University, Mr. M. Chidzonga (Dean of the Faculty of Health). Our projects were explained in all the meetings the doctors had, and we emphasized the need of introducing the neuroendoscopy technique in their country through the NED foundation. They all showed a lot of interest and they offered us their support for new collaborations.

The 9th Neuroendoscopic Workshop (02/11/2013) and various neurosurgical operations were made in both Hospitals.

By February 15th he traveled to Pemba (Zanzibar), the first Gynecological mission of 2013 composed of the following volunteers: Dr Fernando G. Naranjo de la Puerta (Gynecologist), Dr Julia Alfonso Diego (Pediatrician), Dr Ana Casanova Fuset (Gynecologist), Dr Susana Ferrando Monleon (Pediatrician) and Mrs. Lucia Garcia Soriano (Mmidwife) with Chake Chake Hospital as destination in Pemba (Tanzania).

There they attended to varios gynecological patients in the outpatient clinics, previously selected by the responsible doctor, Dr Sauda; pediatric visits, hospitalized patients control and attention to the needs of the delivery room. They made programmed surgeries in the Chake-Chake Hospital. They also traveled to Wete Hospital where three selected patients, by the gynecologist Dr  Omar Mgongo, were operated.

Dr Julia Alfonso held a class on neonatal resuscitation to the midwives of the Delivery Room.

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