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A new neurosurgical mission has moved to District Kiambu Hospital (Kiambu, Kenia), composed of the following NED volunteers:

Dr Luis Fco. Gomez Perals (Neurosurgeon), Dr Gonzalo Lepe Gómez (Neurosurgeon), and Mrs. Mª José Fos Ferrandis (Scrub nurse).

They made the assessment of patients with neurosurgical disease; neurosurgical operations, controls and monitoring of surgical and postoperative admissions.

Great work by a great team.

Our non-Medical Projects Coordinator Mrs. Antonia Martínez Gosálbez and Mrs. Rosa Gadea Martínez traveled to Zanzíbar (Tanzania) to spend some days with the kids and with th Mazizina Orphanage offering and receiving affection.

They also traveled to Sebleni, to check how is the Sewing Workshop going; the  “production” is being done with great professionalism.

Thanks for your support and your dedication.