With the development of the “Hands-on Courses” we are trying to catalyze the teaching restlessness, that makes it possible to carry out everything necessary to promote the scientific, technical, cultural and training of medical and nursing staff in the practice teaching in the field neurosciences and particularly, neurosurgery.

Together with the University of St. Louis (USA), have organized numerous courses in our country (Laboratory of Surgical Practice of Hospital de la Ribera, Valencia) and in Africa over recent years, facilitated the participants all the necessary facilities for understanding brain anatomy and its application to different areas of neuroscience, under the supervision and coordination of members of the NED Foundation.

With these revolutionary educational tools we try to create a standard for future teaching and new learning experiences. The syllabus of these workshops includes neuroendoscopic brain anatomy and surgical procedures for nurses

We know that millions of patients with traumatic lacerations are treated annually in East Africa. Since these injuries do not usually pose a threat to the life of the patient, receive less priority compared to other complications.

Accordingly, treatment of injured patients is often delayed, bacteria can proliferate causing infection and sepsis and often causing the patient’s death, mostly children.

In this regard, training of nursing staff can safely eliminate this delay and its consequences. With our project, it is intended that nurses and nursing students receive the necessary training for the treatment of traumatic wounds. After completing the course, nurses are able to provide quality care regardless of the type of hospital in which they work.