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From November 23rd to 26th, the IX Edition of the Neuroanatomy Course for Nursing took place.

Theoretical classes were held in the Assembly Hall of the Hospital Univ. de la Ribera with 3D microscope anatomy and theoretical-practical classes in the neuroanatomical laboratory of the same hospital. Accompanied by the best facilities and medical and nursing professors .


  • Dr Jose Piquer
  • Dr José Luis Llacer
  • Dr Pedro Riesgo
  • Dr Vicente Rovira
  • Dr Ruben Rodriguez
  • Dr Juan Manuel Herrera


  • Dr Antonio Cremades


  • Dr Eva Llopis
  • Dr Enrique Molla


  • Dr M. Nela Soria
  • Dr Joan Ferri

Neuro-nurses Surgical Area:

  • Mrs. Marisa Vidagany
  • Mr. Salvador Iñigo
  • Mrs. Juana Fos
  • Mr. Antonio Perez
  • Mrs. M. Carmen Navarro
  • Mrs. Amparo Navarro
  • Mrs. Africa Sanchez
  • Mr. Luis Moreno
  • Mrs. M. Pilar Chisbert

Neuro-nurses Intensive Care Unit:

  • Mrs.  Beatriz Salvador
  • Mrs. Demelsa Martinez

Neuro-nurse Radiology Service (interventional):

  • Mr. Julian Monedero

Neuro-nurse Hospitalization Unit:

  • Mrs. Paula Sanchis


The course was made up of students from different Spanish communities (Zaragoza, Madrid, …) as well as four African students with a scholarship from the NED Foundation. Two nurses from Nairobi and two from Zanzibar.

Classes were held in parallel in Spanish and English.

Course closure took place in the Assembly Hall of the  Hospital NISA “9 de Octubre”, with the presentation of Neurorehabilitation by Dr Joan Ferri (Director of the Brain Injury Unit of the Hospital Valencia al Mar) on brain and spinal cord damage, as well as the communication on Volunteerism and Humanitarian Nursing in impoverished countries in East Africa, offered by volunteers from the NED Foundation (Neurosurgery, Education and Development), Mrs. Demelsa Martinez, Mr. Luis Moreno and Mrs. Maria Pilar Chisbert.

We leave you some illustrative photos of the mentioned course.

Thank you very much to you all.