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“Just two years ago, around this time, I was fortunate to experience the power of Christmas.

Full and true Christmas deprived of material gifts, of feasts… but charged with an intense experience of hope, empathy and generosity.

And I was lucky enough to be a small link in the precious chain of favors that was about to be generated to work a miracle: SAVE THE LIFE OF ESMERALDA.

Esmeralda is a Guinean girl who was coming of age there in Malabo with the diagnosis of a brain tumor with an unfortunate prognosis that was causing problems in speech, vision, balance and that in days would put her in a coma as a prelude upon his death.

Celia, her aunt, who has lived in Spain for years, comes across my life in those days with the firm intention that she will help change the terrible future of Esmeralda, who in Guinea evicted her.

Soon I remembered the wonderful phrase of J.L. Borges, who has so inspired my work in life: “The future is not what is going to happen, it is what we are going to do

And as soon as I sent the S.O.S. NED understood that we should at least try to change the fateful course of Esmeralda’s future. We began to move strings quickly to get the permits and bring us in extremis to Esmeralda … Everything was against the clock but the chain of favors was wonderful, no one closed their doors to us, everyone helped with empathy, generosity and professionalism, the force of Christmas was relentless and in less than 7 days Esmeralda arrived in Valencia after a series of many adventures seasoned with good luck

NED received with open arms on December 23rd at the hospital in Alzira Esmeralda, moribund and exhausted from the long journey … Christmas accompanied us and was operated on the same day.

After being able to regain that vital breath and spend her new Christmas in the ICU, she was able to undergo a second operation on January 8th for a complex brain tumor that threatened her life.

With the love and courage of her aunt Celia, Esmeralda recovered the Soul that weeks before she had thought to disappear. And NED Fundación recovered her body with radiotherapy, rehabilitation and follow-up, highlighting that African proverb that we like so much: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Today Esmeralda happily sends us her Christmas greetings from Malabo, and reminds us that not even Charles Dickens could have written a better story for her.”

Nerea Bueno
NED Volunteer