What does mean to be NED Friend?

To be NED Friend does not imply any financial outlay or as grants, or fees, or any other way, except that you do not want in a explicitly way.

To be NED Friend, means that share our values ​​and goals, you think that everyone, regardless of the geographical area where we were born, have the same opportunities.

To be NED friend provides you:

– To receive punctual information on the Foundation activities

– To benefit in training issues

– Discounts on publications published by the NED Foundation
– Discounts on training courses organized by the Foundation
– Discounts on courses organized by other public or private organizations that have agreements with NED

– To participate as a volunteer in NED missions and activities



How can I become a NED friend?

To become NED Friend, just fill in the attached simple form and, after data verification by our staff, you will receive an confirmation email with additional information.