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August started with the end of the mission composed by Dr Rocio Aragones Navarro (Intensivist) and Dr Mª Mar Aguilar Diaz (Emergency Physician) corresponding to the UCI Project started last month.

At their departure, Dr Carola Gutierrez Melon (Intensivist) arrived at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, which remained in Zanzibar until August 31st.

They continued with the usual activities of the ICU project that NED has been carrying out since August 2016. Their work focused mainly on teaching both the medical and local nursing staff of the Intensive Care Unit.

On the 19th, the Neurosurgical mission coordinated by Dr Jose Piquer Belloch (Neurosurgeon) arrived at the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, composed of Dr Francisco Luna Andrade (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Mª Pilar Chisbert Genoves (Scrub Nurse), Dr Palmira Morello Ostos (Rehabilitation Physician) and Mrs. Yolanda Casares Marco (Physiotherapist), both students of the “II Master in Medical-Surgical Care and Rehabilitation of the Neurological Patient” of the Chair of Neurosciences CEU-NISA Foundation.

Their activities were: evaluation of patients in clinical consultation. Evaluation of patients in external units such as ICU, Traumatology, Surgery, … at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital. Nineteen neurosurgical interventions were performed, some of them complex surgeries: posterior fossa tumor, meningiomas, intramedullary tumors with MRI, as well as a relative of the Minister of Health with excellent results, which carries a great media impact.

Dr Piquer met with the Minister of Health accompanied by Dr Jamala Taib to influence the collaboration of the Island Government in the maintenance and development of the Institute.

Regarding Neurorehabilitation, consultation was conducted with patients who did not have a surgical indication or if they did, it was postponable. Most of the patients presented degenerative low back pain. Post-surgical patients were evaluated, beginning physiotherapy treatment with them early. In the hospital rooms of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, patients with neurological pathology were mainly evaluated and treated. The back school protocol and a post lumbar spinal surgery protocol were translated into Swahili so that all staff had access to that information.

On the 20th, the Coordinator of the UCI Project, D Pablo Extremera Navas (Intensivist) arrived on the Island in order to assess the development of the project and identify the needs to inform the following missions. His stay lasted until September 13th.

Finally, a new ICU mission, made up of Mrs. Mª Amparo Lopez Ortega (ICU Nurse) and Mrs. Eva Mª Montero Revilla (ICU Nurse) who joined Dr Extremera in the Project.

Realizaron: asesoramiento/docencia al personal de enfermería del Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, de la unidad de cuidados intensivos. Trabajaron con ellos durante la jornada laboral, desarrollando las actividades propias de enfermería de forma docente para intentar mejorar la formación del personal: explicación de técnicas, cuidados, monitores, … así como los cuidados básicos en el paciente crítico (lavado de ojos, y boca, higiene, movilización del paciente, cuidados en un paciente intubado…). Asistencia a los intensivistas en la realización de algunas técnicas médicas (canalización de vías centrales, intubación), tratando de instruir al personal de enfermería sobre qué tienen que preparar o cómo pueden ayudar al médico en esas situaciones, ya que son técnicas bastante nuevas en ese servicio. Actividad asistencial propia de enfermería en la unidad de cuidados intensivos del Hospital Mnazi Mmoja: administración de cuidados, tratamientos y técnicas propias de una unidad de cuidados críticos. Con el servicio de neurocirugía colaboramos en la realización de alguna cura, vigilancia de algún paciente en el postoperatorio, mientras se encontraba en la “recovery”, asistimos a las reuniones que mantenían los neurocirujanos que vinieron de misión con el personal del hospital… Colaboración con el personal sanitario del NED Surgical Institute en la actividad asistencial allí desarrollada.

They carried out: adviced/teaching to the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital nursing staff of the intensive care unit. They worked with them during the working day, developing their own nursing activities in a teaching way to try to improve the training of the staff: explanation of techniques, care, monitors, … as well as basic care in the critically ill patient (eye and mouth wash , hygiene, patient mobilization, care in an intubated patient …). Assistance to intensivists in carrying out some medical techniques (central line canalization, intubation), trying to educate the nursing staff on what they have to prepare or how they can help the doctor in these situations, since they were quite new techniques in this area. service. Own nursing activity in the intensive care unit of the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital: care management, treatments and techniques typical of a critical care unit. With the neurosurgery service they collaborated in performing a cure, monitoring a patient in the postoperative period, while they were in the “recovery”, they attended the meetings held by neurosurgeons who come on mission with hospital staff … Collaboration with the health personnel of the NED Surgical Institute in the healthcare activity carried out there.