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The month of August 2015, begins with the arrival at Mnazi Mmoja NED Institute of Mª José Fos Ferrándis second recipient of the grant award “Tony Gomez,” to practice as a Coordinator of the Institute until October 30th.

Mª José was accompanied in this task by her husband, Mr. Arturo Melida Muñoz.

On August 1st, set off towards the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute, a new neurosurgical mission.

It was coordinated by Dr. José Maria Torres Campa-Santamarina (Neurosurgeon), together with: Dr. José Vallina Fonseca (anesthetist) Dr. Enrique Fernandez Torres (surgical assistant), Dr. Avelino Parajón Diaz (Neurosurgeon) and Ms. Rina Garcia Moreno (scrub nurse)

Gorgeous work done by this group on their first mission going consultation, making interventions the most urgent cases and strengthening the technical staff of the institute, under the supervision of our Coordinator of Nursing

In mid-month, specifically on August 17th arrived at Mnazi Mmoja NED Institute a new group of volunteers

On this occasion, coordinated by Dr. José Piquer Belloch (Neurosurgeon) with Ms. Maria Pilar Chisbert Genovés (Nurse) and Ms. Demelsa Martinez Cordellat (scrub nurse)

And for the first time, they have traveled three medical students: Ms. Irene Torrecilla Martinez, Ms. Beatriz Llácer Barberán and Ms. Victoria Blanes Aleixandre who, with this experience, have been able to validate their practices.

During their stay, Dr. Piquer and Dr. Jamala gathered for the launch of the “oxygen” in the Institute. They launched the restructuring of the sterilization store and surgical, as well as the new organization, curbstones and inventory of neurosurgical instruments boxes and operating theater, as well welfare work and a total of 13 surgeries were performed. They moved to the villages for health care.