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The month began, participating in different meetings, with the Minister of Health of Zanzibar (Dr. Piquer, Mr. Franqueza); with the Ambassador of Spain in Tanzania, Mr. Juan Manuel González Linares (Dr. Piquer, Mr. Piquer Martínez); audience with the First Lady of Zanzibar, for the presentation of NED Non-Medical project, …

We carried out a Non-Medical Mission to the Forodhani Orphanage, made up of Ms. Antonia Martínez Gosálbez (Coordinator of Non-Medical Projects), Mr. Salvador Roca Marquina (NED On-line Coordinator), Ms. Amparo Barber Paris (Attorney), Mr. Ignacio Roca Barber (Student), Ms. Amparo Roca Barber (Student), Mr. José Piquer Martínez (Director NED Communications), Ms. Alejandra Piquer Martínez (Psychologist), Ms. Patricia Piquer Martínez (Actress) and Ms. Mar Piquer Martínez (Student), supported by members of the Medical Mission

The volunteers who visited Pemba Island (Tanzania) Hospitals, to know its needs, were: Dr. José Piquer (Neurosurgeon), D. José Piquer Martínez (NED Communications Director)