APRIL 2018

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From April 7th to 14th, a new Neurosurgical mission coordinated on this occasion by Dr Jose Luis Llacer Ortega (Neurosurgeon) together with Dr. Maria Galiana Ivars (Anesthesiologist) and Mrs. Aitana Lopez Garcia (Scrub Nurse) traveled to the Mnazi Mmoja NED Surgical Institute.

During their stay they carried out: Morning sessions. Neurosurgery clinic consultation. Surgical interventions. Evaluation of postsurgical patients in the Hospitalization Room. Assessment and treatment of pediatric patients. Neuronavigation system review.

After their mission they indicated to us that: “The institute is progressing adequately and the cleanliness and order are increasing: THERE IS A GREAT COLLABORATION AND DISPOSITION of all the staff and where it has been noticed in a very important way is at the NURSING AND MEDICAL level