APRIL 2017

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On April 9th, Mrs. Antonia Martinez Gonsalbez (Non-Medical Projects Coordinator), Mrs. Rosa Gadea Martinez (Sewing Workshop Coordinator) and Mrs. Mar Piquer Martinez (Psychologist) traveled to Zanzibar.

It was proposed as an observation and decision-making mission given the problems detected both in the Mazizini Orphanage (with the staff) and in the Sebleni Village (problem of space and therefore lack of continuity on the part of the members)

Therefore, the following actions were taken:

  • Mazizini Orphanage:
    • There was a new management at the Ministry of Social Welfare (Bi Wahida Maabad Mohamed) and at the Mazizini Orphanage (Bi Saida) with whom they met and agreed to send an introduction letter describing the work done so far by NED and its volunteers, as well as the situation of difficulty met to advanceactivities (difficulty in continuing the workshops when the volunteers left)
    • Psychological Program development  focused mainly on present support and future preparation once children left the Orphanage was proposed.
    • Development of a Nutritional Program in which professionals of the subject participate, preparing lists of foods available in the area at an acceptable cost, together with the completion of the corresponding menus and their execution.
    • Development of an Activity Plan to be carried out by the Orphanage staff, once started by the NED volunteers (Craft, Cooking, Language Workshops …)
  • Sebleni – Matumaini:
    • Meeting, first with the project leaders (Sheha and Ali) and later with the entire women group, centering on what has been done so far, the cost (without travel or accommodation), …
    • Twelve more people joined the group, they are young girls who have sewing skills and the desire to work, so the group currently consists of 25 persons. It was raised as work and as such objectives, commitments and organizational tasks and working groups were labeled.
    • It was decided to rent a house, requesting responsibility and help in the cost of maintenance, as well as taking care of it. The firm commitment of Matumaini members was obtained
    • The house was not yet finished, so a basic contract was drawn up to establish a commitment by both parties (Owner and NED) in which the deadlines for execution and payments were established, as well as that after the delivery of the keys it will be enjoyed of a period without paying anything else. The contract reviews will be annual (not biannual as originally proposed). The monthly cost will be € 102