APRIL 2013

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A new Non-Medical Mission left in April 2013 for the Mazizini Orphanage and the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, full of love and eager to work.

On this occasion our Coordinator of Non-Medical Projects, Mrs. Antonia Martínez Gosálbez, was accompanied by: Mrs. Rosa M. Gadea Martinez (Coordinator of the Sewing Class), Dr José Piquer Belloch (Medical Coordinator NED), Mrs. Mar Piquer Martinez (Student) , Mr. Jose Andres Martinez Luciano (Coordinator of the Teaching Area), Mr. Adrian Martinez Gadea (Student), Mrs. Amalia Vazquez-Añon Abizanda (Student) and Mr. Andres Pallardo Oyarzabal (Student)

In the non-medical part of the Mission, two different but parallel projects were carried out. First in the Orphanage, reinforcement classes were held in Spanish, English and Mathematics. Thanks, in large part, to the Fundación Cuadernos Rubio donation, emphasis was also placed on reading and writing exercises. In addition, with the teachers and caregivers of the center, methodology classes were held in the teaching of languages. They continued with the craft workshops already established, adding other articles and materials, as well as recreational activities.

Secondly, the inhabitants of Sebleni were contacted again , confirming the good progress of the sewing workshop and the interest of the students in learning how to make new garments and articles (stuffed animals). Meanwhile, the children were given notebooks to paint and write.

Informative meetings were held with the staff of the Sebleni English Center.

While at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital Dr. Piquer accompanied by Dr. Qureshi, they held meetings with the Ministry of Health of Zanzibar for the construction of the Institute, which was also attended by Dr. Mohamed Haji.

Various neurosurgical interventions were performed and Drs. Haji, Qureshi and Piquer together with Dr. Benjamin Okamba and Dr. Omar Mussa made an assessment of the progress of the Hospital project.