APRIL 2011

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In April, two Neurosurgical missions were made and a Non-medical one in Kenia and Tanzania composed of the following NED volunteers:

Mombasa: Dr Juan Vicente Darriba Alles (Neurosurgeon), Dr Marco Antonio Álvarez Vega (Neurosurgeon), Dr Aida Antuña Ramos (Neurosurgeon) y Dr Manuel Fernández Sanmartín (Pediatric intesivist)

Zanzibar: Dr  José Piquer (Neurosurgeon), Mrs. Antonia Martínez Gosálbez (Non medical projects Coordinator), Mrs. Alejandra Piquer Martínez (Psychologist), Mrs. Mar Piquer Martínez (Student), Mr. Jaime Mira (Engineer), Mrs. Amparo Barber Paris (Attorney), Mr. Manuel Piquer Belloch (Notary), Mrs. Inmaculara Ruz (Attorney), Mrs. Paula Piquer Ruz (Attorney), Mrs Beatriz Piquer Ruz (Student), Mr. Álvaro Fernández Vilella (Architect) and Mr. Salvador Roca Marquina (NED On-line Coordinator)