35_ NO MEDICO_MAZIZINIOur work in the Non-Medical area within the NED Foundation began in January 2010. Since then we have been developing a project at the Mazizini Orphanage (formerly known as Forodhani) which aims to:

1 – Support these children so that they always feel loved.

2 – Facilitate academic training that enables them to have a better future.

3 – Take care of their health and meet their needs.

Currently the orphanage has over 50 children aged between 0 and 24.

It is a privilege to be around them and receive their love.


Developing CLASSROOMS:



In April 2011, the Sewing Classroom at the Mazizini Orphanage (Zanzibar) was started.

Thanks to the donation of five sewing machines in addition to the three that were there, it was possible to start sewing classes, which not only helps to advance the development of their training for the future, but also for the present.

In December 2011, a group of volunteers traveled back to Zanzibar and dedicated their work and efforts to boost the Mazizini sewing classroom. Our coordinator, Rosa Martínez Gadea and Pilar Vazquez dedicated their knowledge and spread their enthusiasm to involve a large number of children at the orphanage.

They made bags, cushions and other clothing items for the children’s personal use.

To continue fostering learning, a local coordinator (who works at the Orphanage) has been appointed. Saadi is in charge of organizing classes and maintaining a neat and clean classroom.

A new mission is being organized for April. This time our coordinator will travel once again to strengthen and continue the organizational tasks.



Since August 2010, when a Non-Medical NED mission visited the Forodhani orphanage (now Mazizini), it has been working on developing a computer classroom, to provide these children with an essential tool for their academic development.

Mr Salvador Roca, who is in charge of this project, and the collaboration and generous donations of many individuals and entities have made ​​this possible.

5 computers have been installed and a tutorial program is being developed.



We are all familiar with the deep African musical roots. Their rhythm, their music and their voices are truly a gift to the ears.

Why not promote and facilitate the development of these natural gifts? This is what we ask when creating this music classroom for children.

We also have an added benefit – an electric organ – thanks as always to the generosity of people who believe that help is a good approach to life. A local schoolteacher from Zanzibar Anglican church is the person who works with NED directing and setting up the classroom.



NESC (NED ENGLISH SPANISH CENTRE) was founded in April 2011.

The English Spanish Center aims to train children at the Mazizini Orphanage (Zanzibar) in all areas of knowledge.

The official language of Zanzibar (Tanzania) is Swahili, but the language needed to stand out and have a better future is English. And why not Spanish, the second international language, taking advantage of the fact that most of our volunteers are Spanish?

NESC aims to:

1 – Encourage reading.

2 – Increase English knowledge.

3 – Serve as the language to review and study of all areas of knowledge.

The school offers an extensive class schedule during school days, so when the kids come home from school, this reinforcement is within reach.

The local coordination is led by our collaborator Khamis Maganga (former orphan in this orphanage). He knows the children, teachers and the internal system. He is able to continue learning and have a better quality of life.

This system is organized into simplified worksheets and templates, making the volunteers’ work more efficient.

Also, after the last mission in August 2012, two more workshops have been initiated : Environment and Nature, with the latter the childrens, aided by our volunteers, have created their own vegetable garden

The teaching staff is led and coordinated by:

Mr José Andrés Martínez Luciano