The Orphanage has a number of boys and girls that varies continuously, since adoption is not allowed in Tanzania, it functions as a foster home.

The old orphanage, located in the city of Stone Town, was gloomy and unhealthy so together with the Ministry of Social Affairs of Zanzibar we collaborated in the creation and supply of materials and furniture for the construction of a new orphanage located in an area with more greenery and safety for children. The change has been very important as can be seen in the photographs of our missions.

The selfless collaboration of friends and volunteers from NED has made it possible to achieve this improvement. All of them have donated from an organ, sewing machines and computers, to a playground that excites the little ones. We have collaborated in equipping the bedrooms and classrooms. Books have also been provided for the library, televisions, DVD players for the advancement of languages, school supplies, etc.

Our main objectives are:

  1. Clothe these children so that they always feel loved.
  2. Provide them with an academic training and offer the means at our disposal that allow them to have a better future.
  3. Take care of their health and meet their needs by taking advantage of the medical missions that are organized.

For this we have been working on the development of a support program for children and adolescents with specific projects with the essential help of our volunteers.



It aims for children to receive extra support for training and education that will serve them in the present and in the future to improve their level and quality of life. Focused activities are carried out mainly through play, which is how the messages best reach children and adolescents with special emphasis on the areas of calculation, language and languages.

This project is also applied in the Sebleni village.



It seeks to increase the physical and manual capacities of the children and adolescents of the center to improve their quality of life while keeping them busy during their leisure time. It is also possible to observe handicaps and delays that they may have to correct or support them. Teaching them their environment and getting them out of their daily routine is also a priority for their training, which is why excursions are organized in each of the missions.

To achieve all this, various classrooms have been created in which to carry out the different activities:

  • The art and crafts classroom.
  • A general classroom in which various workshops are held:
    • Calculation and mathematics workshop: through calculation and its practical teaching, the child or adolescent can master the basic principles that will facilitate their access to a decent job.
    • Reading and writing workshop: it is intended to teach or reinforce the use of writing and the promotion of reading as a basis for learning.
    • Language classes: teaching English and Spanish is considered an addition to the training of these children and adolescents. A very interesting way of teaching-learning is the language through music using the lyrics of the songs.
    • Group lectures and readings: group reading facilitates the use of words and helps personal development.
  • The computer room, which provides a fundamental tool for the academic development of these children.
  • The environment classroom, in which they are taught to grow their own vegetables

For the development and continuity of these classrooms, the center’s staff is trained in each mission. One of the former orphans also collaborates with us as coordinator. In this way they get involved and interested in continually progressing.


Computer Classroom

Sewing Classroom

Music Classroom